My Bucket List 2017 – ?

I’ve been planning the perfect bucket list for absolute ages now, and I’ve finally come up with the most ideal one for me!! This bucket list is quite long, but it is everything I want to do throughout my lifetime. I want everyone who is reading this to come up with their own ‘perfect bucket list’ and leave some of their goals in the comments below. Hope you enjoy reading mine and remember that you can do ANYTHING in the world if you put your mind to it. Good luck with all of your bucket lists!

Image result for bucket list picture

See the Northern Lights
Ride water taxi in Venice
Swim with dolphins
Go on an African safari
Give people a reason to remember my name
Walk behind a waterfall
Walk on the Great Wall of China
Camp on the beach
Cliff jump
Let go of a floating lantern
Go zip lining
Graduate college 🙂
Add a lock to the Love Lock Bridge in Paris
Jump out of a plane
Travel the world with someone I love
Get a small tattoo that means a lot
Go bungee jumping
Go on a stargazing date
Go scuba diving
See the Grand Canyon
Visit Mount Rushmore
Stay in an overwater bungalow
Hold a baby panda
Watch the sunrise at the beach
See the Roman Colosseum
Cross the Golden Gate Bridge
Learn a new language
Experience Christmas in New York
Have a huge water balloon fight
Have a legit picnic
Attend a masquerade
See the Great Pyramids
Go zorbing in water
Go paintballing
Ride in a helicopter
Visit Niagara Falls
Go to a drive-in movie
Watch my children get married
Volunteer at a kids hospital
Go on a hot air balloon ride
Visit the Harry Potter studios in London
Visit the house from ‘Up’ in real life
Take my parents on the holiday of their dreams
Visit all of the seven wonders
Make a memory album
Go on a girls holiday
See the Statue of Liberty
See the Fairy Pools in Scotland
Visit Venice, Italy
Have my dream job
Ride a Segway
Ride an elephant
Go to Times Square
Go scuba diving (even though I’m terrified of the sea)
Jump on a water trampoline
Visit a black-sand beach
Have a paint fight
Make my parents proud 🙂
Go to Fiji
Raise a puppy
See a Broadway Musical
Hug a penguin
Rope swing into water
Take a road trip
Live with less stress
Ride the London Eye
Learn to love myself and accept my flaws and imperfections
Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Learn to surf
Be in a professional photo shoot
Rent a beach house for the whole summer
Float in the Dead Sea
Ride a jet ski
Swim under the stars
Be more organized
Step foot on all 7 continents
Visit Amsterdam
Visit Santorini, Greece
Participate in a colour run
Be a vegetarian for a week
Let go of my shyness and just live
Visit a tropical rainforest
Have an ice skating date
Visit Australia
Go on a road trip with my best friend
Build a blanketfort
Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Visit London, England
See Heaven’s Trail in Ireland
Dine in an underwater restaurant
Write a letter to my future self
Live more and worry less
Visit the Glow Worms Caves in New Zealand
Catch fireflies
Party in Las Vegas
See my best friend get married to the man of her dreams
Go to Switzerland
Go to Coachella
Go on a spontaneous adventure
Go to Costa Rica
Get a professional makeover
Visit the original Starbucks in Seattle
Visit the Taj Mahal
Be the best mother I can be for my children
Move to a different country
Go to Disney World
Take Polaroid pictures with the one I love
Go skiing
Travel around Ireland
Write a book
Throw someone a surprise party
Travel first class
Visit the Bahamas
Have my own movie theatre in my house
Have a walk in closet
Actually do things on my bucket list! 🙂

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”. – Dalai Lama



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