March 2017 – Song Favourites

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Here is just a couple of my favourite songs because if I named them all, I’d be here ’til Christmas! Some of these songs are very emotional and spirit-lifting, and I’ll try give some of the meanings to the songs, and why I love them so much. 🙂

1. Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran

Now, who can get away with a song favourites list without adding in the talented Ed Sheeran!? I absolutely love every single song on his new album ‘Divide’! I mean, who doesn’t? One reason why I love this song is because it reminds me of Ireland, which I was born in. And it is such a catchy and jumpy song which makes it twice as good. It is a very Irish-inspired song about a ‘Galway Girl’ falling in love with an English man. Do I need to explain more? 🙂

2. Perfect – Ed Sheeran

I don’t know why but this song makes me feel very emotional, maybe because I’m a very empathetic person? But every time I try to sing this song tears gather up in my eyes. (Probably because I’m a terrible singer). This song is basically about him singing to his lover and talking about his ‘future life’ with her. I would DEFINITELY love to have it played at my wedding (if I even get married!), which is why it is on top of my list of favourite songs.

3. What Do I Know – Ed Sheeran

Yes, of course there’s another one of Ed’s songs here! I think this song is about people getting on with their lives with huge jobs like accountants and business-type lifestyles, and he is just on a stage with a guitar singing songs. I’m not quite sure what the meaning of the song is, but whatever it is, it sure is an amazing/catchy song.

4. No Lie – Sean Paul Ft. Dua Lipa 

This song is so good!! I don’t know what it is, but something about this song makes me want to listen it on replay 24/7. It has a mix of pop and rap throughout the song, but I’m not 100% sure what the meaning of the song is. I would recommend listening to this whilst dancing or exercising.

5. Scared To Be Lonely – Martin Garrix Ft. Dua Lipa

This is one of the songs that makes me a bit teary-eyed. Yet again, it is still very catchy but I love it so much! The meaning of the song is two lovers are fighting but keep coming back to each other for love. I would definitely give this a listen if you are feeling a bit emotional, but if you’re not, I’d still listen to it anyway  if I were you!

6. Run Up – Major Lazer Ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj

The first few times I heard this song, I hated it! But the more I listened to it, the more it grew on me and I now love it so much. This song, for some reason, makes me super happy and energetic. I love it so much!! I’m not quite sure what the meaning is, but it’s still great and you should without a doubt listen to it. I would describe this song as a slow club song.

7. I Would Like – Zara Larsson

I really love this song so much and I’m most likely found listening to this song on replay. It is a really fast and energetic song. I would for sure listen to this while working out or even simply putting on my makeup!

I hope you enjoyed my short list of favourite songs this month! I do of course have plenty more but I’d be here forever listing them out! Name your favourite song or any song recommendations in the comments below . Like this post if you want more things like this and follow! 🙂


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